Prairie Photos

Prairies are incredibly complex and beautiful, but often overlooked or dismissed.  These are a few of my favorite photographs of prairies in and near Nebraska.  I hope they help people appreciate prairies a little more than they otherwise might.

You can click on a photo to see a larger version of it and start a slideshow.



14 thoughts on “Prairie Photos

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  2. Chris I loved looking at your prairie photos and how they focus in on one tiny event. Seeing them all together makes an impactful statement to me,,,that no matter how small, how fragile, everything plays a critical part of the whole; each event is crucial, no matter how fleeting or seemingly insignificant.

    I live in Missouri and have spend the last few days just visiting several of our Missouri Dept of Conservation prairies, Nature Conservancy prairies, and Missouri Prairie Foundation prairies. I am trying to overlap my visits so I don’t miss any of the changing goal is to learn to identify forbs, even if they aren’t blooming. I took photos of some that I wasn’t sure of the identification. I tried looking them up but still am not sure, as photos can be tricky. I tried to copy and paste here but it won’t let me add a photo. I’m wondering if there is another way. Maybe someone on the post can help ID them.

  3. I would contact your local Missouri Dept of Conservation office and see if there is someone there who could look at your photos or if they can recommend someone local to send them to. It can be difficult to identify plants from photos, especially for those of us from other places. It’s really great to hear about your efforts to learn forb ID. It’s important, but tricky. Good luck!

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