1 thought on “ENPO151207_D002

  1. Have you measured annual[seasonal] growth of the smooth sumac as well as total pre vs post burn height of the clones? I have found that annual April-May burns reduced a 5-9 foot tall canopied clone to a 1-3 foot tall, and 20-50%canopy after ten years of annual burning. There was minimal effect on grasses/forbes but positive on burr oak release. The fire was hot enough to go through the sumac in 3-4 yrs as grasses moved in to the center of the clone. Burr oak formed ” grubbs” but escaped after 2-5 yrs. Aspen?? that was weakend into 1-2 foot tall bug infested “whips” in grass from 30+foot trees. Great blog!!! Jeff Evander. Iv’e have 30 plus years of observations ect, that I would like to visit and share sometime.


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