Hubbard Fellowship


The Nature Conservancy of Nebraska is proud to host The Claire M. Hubbard Young Leaders in Conservation Fellowship Program – a one-year program for selected recent college graduates in conservation-related fields.  It is designed to provide a comprehensive set of experiences working with a conservation organization and bridge the gap between school and career.  Fellows are housed at The Nature Conservancy’s Platte River Prairies Preserve near Wood River, Nebraska.  Click here to see our brochure with more detailed information on the program and application guidelines.  The current job description can be viewed here and also at

The application period for the next round of the Fellowship (February 2021 – January 2022) IS NOW OPEN.  Applications will be due October 1, 2021.

Hubbard Fellows Mary Parr and Chelsea Forehead prepare for a prescribed fire in the Nebraska Sandhills. Fellows receive training and experience with prescribed fire, as well as many other land management and restoration practices.

Hubbard Fellows are full-time employees of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) during their fellowship, with health insurance, housing, and work vehicle provided by TNC. Roughly half of their time is spent on land management and restoration, learning from experienced science and land stewardship staff. In addition, they work on research and other science projects, are involved in strategic planning discussions, communicate actively about conservation to a variety of audiences, and help out with fundraising and all other aspects of a non-profit conservation organization. Fellows travel to various offices and projects operated by The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska, but also attend conferences and field trips, both in Nebraska and beyond.

“The Hubbard Fellowship was the perfect step for me to learn about the wide variety of work non-profit organizations like TNC do, and helped me see how my particular skills and perspectives could contribute to that mission” – Olivia Schouten, former Hubbard Fellow and current Land Steward, The Nature Conservancy – Indiana.


Here is a video created by Sarah Lueder, with help from her fellow Hubbard Fellow, Kate Nootenboom.


Photos of current and previous Hubbard Fellows in action:

Hubbard Fellows Sarah Lueder and Kate Nootenboom work with Master Naturalist Mike Schrad on small mammal research in the Platte River Prairies.
Hubbard Fellow Ashley Oblander pulls harvested seeds out of a pull-behind seed stripper machine as part of a prairie restoration project in the Platte River Prairies
The Nature Conservancy’s Niobrara Valley Preserve is a 56,000 acre site in north-central Nebraska. Hubbard Fellows make regular trips to NVP during their Fellowship.
The Niobrara Valley Preserve has two large herds of bison.
Hubbard Fellow Dillon Blankenship works at one of two annual bison roundups at the Niobrara Valley Preserve.

Click below to read selected blog posts by our former Fellows.

2020-2021 Fellowship Blog Posts

2019-2020 Fellowship Blog Posts

2017-2018 Fellowship Blog Posts

2016-2017 Fellowship Blog Posts

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