What’s This Flower? (Advanced Edition) November 11, 2014

Ok, I knew it wouldn’t take long to get a correct answer on the first plant quiz this morning, but four correct answers within two minutes of posting?  Good grief.

Apparently, that one was too easy for many of you, so I’ll try again.  I’m sure some readers will get this one too, but maybe I can challenge at least a few of you.

Ok, what’s THIS flower?


Once again, leave your guesses in the comments section below.  If you don’t see a comments section, click on the title of this post to open it in a web browser and try again.

No hints this time, but I’ll confirm the correct answer when it comes in (within the comments section).

If you didn’t know the answer to the first quiz this morning, you can look in the comments section of that post to see the answer.


25 thoughts on “What’s This Flower? (Advanced Edition) November 11, 2014

  1. Ok, someone did finally get it, but it took a while. I feel better.

    The plant is Hairy Fimbry (Fimbristylus puberula). It’s an interesting plant, taxonomically. It’s in the sedge family (Cyperaceae) but is not a Carex (sedge) or Cyperus (nut sedge) or any of the common rush families (Scirpus, Juncus, etc.) Definitely an individual.

    Hairy fimbry is found throughout much of North America. In our Platte River Prairies, we see it only here and there, but when it does show up, it’s often abundant. It likes wet prairies or sedge meadows. We’ve been able to get it to show up very well in our restorations – as long as we can harvest sufficient seed, it establishes very well.

    Congratulations to Dan for getting the ID first.

    • Scirpus are bulrushes–not rushes:) They are actually sedges (Cyperaceae) too. Recent taxonomic changes haven’t made keeping it straight any easier.

  2. I just love you people!
    I’d call it Fuzzy Wuzzy Not A Pine Cone
    Geez, I sound so Kindergarten- ish compared to the rest of you! I’m laughing at myself! “)


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