Photo of the Week – February 22, 2019

Earlier this week, instead of writing a pithy blog post (obviously), I made a couple short trips outside with my camera. The sun defied the forecast and provided some nice light and I decided I’d better take advantage of that. These are the kinds of decisions I have to wrestle with on a day to day basis. Do I write a blog post? Enter data? Or go wander around a prairie in the snow? It really is a tough job.

Anyway, here are some photos from the week.

Grass with frost and snow
Heath aster
Maximilian sunflower through a tiny window in the snow.
Sunflower head
Heath aster through a window in the snow.
Canada wild rye

Photo of the Week – February 8, 2019

It’s cold outside. Not just cold – blustery cold. The kind of blustery cold that takes your breath away unless you turn your face out of the wind. It’s the time of year when people ask themselves why they live in places that get this cold. That’s never been something I’ve fretted about. Seasons feel right to me. I appreciate spring because it follows winter. Winter is also a time to slow down and get things done that are too easily put off during the rest of the year. When going outside is a pleasant option why would you install the new toilet or sort through the overflowing drawer of miscellany in the dining room?

On the other hand, late winter is certainly a time when I start to feel flower withdrawal. It’s not a major affliction, but a real one. Looking at spring flower photos from previous years sometimes helps me, so in case the same applies to you, here are a few spring flower photos from recent years. These are the friends I’m looking forward to seeing in about two months. In the meantime (Brr) I have a drawer to see about…

Wild plum (Prunus americana)
Carolina anemone (Anemone caroliniana).
Ground plum, aka buffalo pea (Astragalus crassicarpus)
Sun sedge (Carex heliophila)
Pussy toes (Antennaria neglecta)
Pasque flower (Anemone patens)