Shameless advertising for a PhD candidate…

Interested in prairie ecosystems?  Looking for a PhD research program that will let you conduct research that will apply directly to the conservation of prairies?

Dr. Craig Allen and I are looking for PhD candidates to help conduct research on a range of topics, including the impacts of landscape fragmentation on prairie ecosystems, the role of biological diversity in the ecological resilience of prairies, the exchange of ecological services between prairies and their surrounding landscapes, and the effectiveness of conservation programs aimed at influencing the practices and attitudes of private landowners.  Funding for these PhD positions is available through the University of Nebraska’s IGERT program (funded by the National Science Foundation).

We currently have two sets of research plots set up along the Central Platte River that include replicated 0.3 ha prairie seedings of varying plant diversity, in which we are studying the impact of that diversity on plant/insect communities, soil chemistry and fauna, resistance to invasive species, etc.  In addition, we have several research projects investigating the impacts of prairie fragmentation and plant diversity on pollinators and other insect communities in both restored and remnant prairies in Nebraska.  We are looking to expand these and other research projects, but need to find motivated researchers to assist us.

If you’re interested, please contact me at or Craig Allen to talk more about possibilities.

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