Photo of the Week – November 23, 2011

A few years ago, I photographed this tiny grasshopper nymph on a black-eyed susan flower.  At the time of this photo, I don’t think the nymph was aware of the crab spider it was sharing the flower with…

This tiny grasshopper nymph seems unaware of the crab spider waiting in ambush on the other side of the flower.

Just a moment later, the spider turned slightly toward the nymph, and gave itself away.  The nymph lurched backward and then hopped away.  I just managed to capture the blur of the nymph’s initial lurch (below).

The spider showed its hand (legs) a little early and the nymph made its escape.

It’s a dangerous world out there.  A guy can’t even relax on a flower and enjoy the sunshine…

Enjoy your Thanksgiving this week.  (And remember to check behind the couch before you plop down after your big meal!)

Photo of the Week – July 14, 2011

I have a hard time walking past black-eyed Susans when I have camera in hand.  What’s not to like about them?  I have countless photos of insects on black-eyed Susans, as well as hundreds of photos of the flowers themselves.  Yet, last week, I found myself taking more…

Oh well.  Here you go then:

Black-eyed Susan flowers - Aurora, Nebraska.