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Making Species Identification Accessible to the Masses

I was out in a prairie this morning (on crutches) and managed to get a little photography done.  Very frequently, I think about how fortunate I am that most of my photography happens out of sight of the general public, … Continue reading

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Properly Portraying the Power of Prescribed Fire

At a recent Nebraska conference, Shelly Kelly of the Sandhills Task Force made a point worth some serious consideration.  She told a roomful of wildlife biologists that if they want reluctant ranchers to seriously consider using prescribed fire, using photos of … Continue reading

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Opportunity to Network Between Southeastern and Midwestern Prairie Ecologists

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the necessity for better communication between those working on grassland restoration projects in longleaf pine woodlands and those in midwestern prairies.  At the time, I suggested the need for opportunities to … Continue reading

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(What We Have Here is) A Failure to Communicate

Picture a grassland dominated by little bluestem and other grass species.  One that has an abundance of wildflowers, including bird’s foot violet, goat’s rue, partridge pea, and numerous varieties of goldenrod, bushclover, and tickclover – among many others.  This prairie … Continue reading

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