Plant Game (Sept 27, 2017) Answers

Thanks to everyone who played this week’s plant game.  Here are the answers:

First, the photo didn’t get many guesses, but Ally got it right.  It is rough rattlesnakeroot, aka rough white lettuce, aka Prenanthes aspera.  Sorry Mike, your iNaturalist app failed this test…

In terms of guessing which plant name was fake, 181 people attempted the first question, and only 24% of you correctly guessed that the fake name was duckbill hairycress.  Spider antelope horns got the most votes (35%) but is the real name (at least one of them) for a kind of milkweed.

On the second question, 145 people guessed, but only 21% picked the actual fake name, which was silky sunwort.  Curve-pod fumewort, believe it or not, is a real live plant.

I hope some of you got a chuckle out of the third question.  Bela Lugosi is actually the name of a very famous actor (from a long time ago, granted) and is not a plant.  56% of you knew that, but about a quarter of you went with Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon, which certainly does sound like a fake plant, but is real.

The game works because no matter how hard I try, I can’t usually come up with plant names that are more outlandish than the real ones…  Thanks for playing.