Iowa Prairie Network – Winter Meeting; January 29


I’m honored to be a speaker at this year’s Winter Meeting of the Iowa Prairie Network.  The free and open-to-the-public meeting will be in Ankeny, IA on January 29.  More details can be found here or at IPN’s website.

I’ll be talking about using prairie reconstruction to improve the viability of remnant prairies.  Many of our remaining prairies are so small and isolated that it’s nearly impossible for many prairie plants, animals, and insects to maintain healthy populations.  As a result, it is extremely difficult (perhaps impossible) to manage those tiny prairies without losing species.

One strategy that can help remedy the situation is to use prairie reconstruction to make those small prairies larger – and sometimes to reconnect them with others.  Reconstructing prairie around and between small remnants can increase the population size and viability of species such as birds, butterflies, and many others.  I’ll present examples of where this is being done, as well as the successes and challenges associated with it.  I hope to see you there!