Updated Website on Nebraska Prairies

Looking for information on upcoming prairie events in Nebraska?  Trying to find resources to help you restore or manage your own prairie?  Interested in learning more about prairie ecology? 

PrairieNebraska.org has been rebuilt and updated as a clearinghouse of information on Nebraska prairies.  The site has been around for a while, but we’ve given it a facelift and added much more information.  Please check it out.

More importantly, please help us improve the site!  The site is up and running but we have much more work to do on it.  If you’re working on prairies somewhere in the state and have something to share, let us know.  If you have questions about prairies and can’t find the answer, we’ll try to add something to the site.  Let us know if you have a prairie-related website we should add to our links. 

Please contact Mardell Jasnowski at 402-694-4191 or mjasnowski@tnc.org and help us make this website as useful as it can be.

Thank you.



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