Ok. I’m on Instagram. Now What?

One of my co-workers finally convinced me to join Instagram.

So now I’m on Instagram.

Yep, sitting here on Instagram.


…Now what?

I have some pretty strong objectives for the Prairie Ecologist blog. (I’m not doing this for my health, people!)  I want to raise awareness about the beauty, complexity, and importance of prairies, and I try to provide resources and ideas to help ensure prairies are restored and managed well.

I don’t really have objectives yet for Instagram because I’m not really sure what the potential is.  I’m in the pool, but I’m over in the corner treading water, trying to figure out what the excitement is all about.


Help!  If you are an Instagram user, what draws you in?  How can I use Instagram to increase prairie awareness and conservation?

Oh, and feel free to follow me.  My username is prairieecologist.

I’ll try to make it worth your while.