Photo of the Week – January 26, 2017

Ok, I know I just posted a bunch of ice storm photos last week, but as it happens, I took more than 1500 shots that morning (!!) and I didn’t post all the ones I liked last time.  So, with apologies for the semi-redundancy, here are a few more close-ups of ice-coated prairie from that magical day.  You’ll notice that Indiangrass got a lot of attention from my camera.  That was partly because it still had interesting fuzzy seeds, and partly because its golden brown color was pretty irresistible when under a sparkly clear coating.

Also, you’ll notice that I stayed low and shot upward at the sky quite a bit.  As the morning wore on, everything got brighter and more sparkly.  That was great, except that it was hard to find backgrounds for close up photos that weren’t full of distracting flashes of light.  By getting close to the ground I could use the clear blue sky as background and really highlight the sparkle of my subject without the extra sparkles of everything else around it.












I know ice storms can be dangerous and can lead to hazardous driving and long hours for power company employees and sand truck drivers.  It seems selfish to wish for ice storms just because they also make great photo opportunities.  And yet…

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