A Slide Show of Nebraska Nature Photos

Caterpillar on false gromwell. Griffith Prairie - north of Aurora, Nebraska.

This fall, I was honored to be the banquet speaker at the first annual conference of the Nebraska Natural Legacy Project (Nebraska’s state wildlife action plan).  For the event, I presented a slide show that I hoped would showcase the diversity and beauty in Nebraska’s natural landscapes.  During the last several weeks, I’ve had several requests from people to make the slide show available on-line.

Well, I’ve done that, but I rearranged the show a little and separated it into five separate short videos that are each about 3 minutes long.  If you’re interested, you can view each of them by clicking on the links below.  They can also be accessed from the home page of this blog, either by clicking on “Photos” at the top of the page or by following the links under “Pages” on the right side of the page.

I hope you enjoy them.