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Photo of the Week – November 16, 2017

Most of us don’t think about ants very often unless they’re marching across our kitchen counter (or up our leg).  That anonymity isn’t their fault, it’s ours.  Ants play major roles in ecoystems, and their biomass in prairies can rival … Continue reading

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How big do prairies need to be?

There is an awful lot we still don’t understand about prairies (and the rest of the natural world, for that matter).  First and foremost, we haven’t even come close to discovering all the species that live in prairies.  We have … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Tree Planting and Prairie Conservation

Trees are great, but trees in and around prairies can negatively impact habitat quality for many grassland plant and animal species and provide points of introduction for invasive species.  Encroachment by trees has become a major threat to prairie conservation … Continue reading

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Goofy Bees

Nature can be incredibly complex and difficult to understand.  Every creature is always reacting to the conditions around them, and continually evolving strategies to keep up with an ever-changing world.  Because we don’t always understand the full spectrum of challenges facing organisms their behavior sometimes seems illogical.  (And, sometimes, it probably is.)  Regardless, trying … Continue reading

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New Fellowship Positions Available: Platte River Prairies, Nebraska

Attention recent college graduates from Natural Resources and Conservation programs… I am excited to announce the new Claire M. Hubbard Young Leaders in Conservation Fellowship Program.  The program will fund two Fellowship positions with The Nature Conservancy of Nebraska.  Fellows will be based here … Continue reading

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New Year Gratitude

With the dawning of another year, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who reads and responds to this blog.  I’ve been amazed and humbled by the number of you who regularly visit this site.  There are currently 437 of you … Continue reading

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