Nebraska Wildflower Field Guide

About 20 years ago, Jon Farrar, one of Nebraska’s preeminent naturalists and photographers published a fantastic field guide to the wildflowers of Nebraska and the Great Plains.  Unfortunately, the book sold out within a year and a half and has been nearly impossible to find since then.  Finally, after all this time, it has been reprinted, and the new edition is even better than the first.

I was asked to write a review of the new edition for Prairie Fire Newspaper, and was more than happy to oblige (and not just because I got a free signed copy of the book!).  The review was published in the April 2012 issue of Prairie Fire, and you can read it here.

To see more of Prairie Fire Newspaper, please go to their website at  You can also read more about Jon’s book at the University of Iowa Press website.

If you had Farrar's wildflower field guide, you'd know that this is showy milkweed - not common milkweed - because the flowers are more prominent and have longer "hoods". Not only does the book explain what hoods are, it has excellent photos of both species that make the differences very easy to see.