Photo of the Week – June 27, 2013

The wind finally let up enough to do some close-up photography last weekend, so I went to a small prairie here in town and wandered a bit.  Among numerous curiosities was the abundance of a tiny iridescent fly.  I had to try quite a few times to get a decent photo of one.  (They kept flying away!)


A tiny fly on milkweed – Lincoln Creek Prairie, Aurora, Nebraska.

Not long after I got the above photo, I was ready to call it a day, and started walking back to the truck. I was hot and tired, but was drawn to a particular patch of milkweed.  As I closed in, a small movement caught my eye.  It was another of the shiny little flies.  But in a bit of beautiful symmetry, it was being eaten by a shiny little spider!


A tiny jumping spider with a tiny fly.

Photo of the Week – May 3, 2012

This little jumping spider was hanging out on an almost-blooming shell leaf penstemon plant this afternoon.  I happened to spot it as I was walking by, and stopped to see if it would sit for a portrait.

Jumping spider on shell leaf penstemon. Platte River Prairies, Nebraska.

The above photo was actually taken after several minutes of watching the little spider and trying to get the breeze, light, and spider to coordinate with each other so I could snap the shutter.  The below photo shows the spider as I initially spotted it – with its lunch.

Jumping spider with prey.

Very shortly after I took the above photo, the spider disappeared beneath the flower.  When it reappeared later, it didn’t have its prey anymore.  I imagine it dropped it so it could make a fast getaway if it needed to.  I hope he/she was done eating…

Trying to figure out if that annoying photographer is still there…

I know not everyone thinks spiders are cute, but you’ve got to admit, this one has a certain charm…