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Lessons From a Project to Improve Prairie Quality – Part 2: Overseeding and Seedling Plugs

Last week, I posted a summary of some findings from a long project to enhance prairie habitat.  I focused that post on the lessons we learned from the fire/grazing management portion of the project, including impacts on regal fritillary butterflies.  This … Continue reading

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Seeding With My Son

Our family owns a prairie about 15 minutes south of our house, and that ownership gives me some wonderful opportunities to share my enthusiasm about prairie ecology with my kids.  I don’t expect any of my three offspring to become prairie ecologists when they … Continue reading

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Photo of the Week November 5, 2010

Autumn prairies are characterized by golden colors and abundant fluffy seeds.  Goldenrods, asters, gayfeathers and many other species become especially conspicous this time of year because their light-colored seed heads stand out strongly against the rusty browns and yellows of … Continue reading

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