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Our New Mechanical Seed Harvester

Seed harvest is a big part of our work here at the Platte River Prairies.  We don’t do as much complete restoration (converting cropland to high-diversity prairie) as we used to because we’ve just about run out of land to … Continue reading

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Photo of the Week – October 4, 2012

This is the time of year when I get the most satisfaction from harvesting prairie seeds.  Early in the year, seed harvest consists largely of hunting around for little plants hidden here and there in the prairie, and bending low to pluck their seeds.  It’s an … Continue reading

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Prairie Seed Dispersal

Plants don’t have the ability to walk or fly, but many can send their seeds far out into the world.  Some seeds have the capability to travel very long distances, giving plants the opportunity to colonize new places. In reality, … Continue reading

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Overseeding Prairies

What do you do with a prairie that’s missing most of its plant species?  In some cases, good management can allow some plants to seemingly return from the dead.  In others, though, the species are gone and – especially if … Continue reading

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