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Does Dotted Gayfeather Flower More Under Reduced Competition?

Late summer is definitely a season of yellow flowers in prairies, with goldenrods and sunflowers in the vanguard.  However, there are exceptions to the yellow rule, and one of the most prominent of those in our prairies right now is … Continue reading

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Down A Deer Vetch Rabbit Hole

A single observation recently led me down a pleasant rabbit hole of data, plant species trends, and unanswered questions about interactions between climate, grazing, fire, soils, and other factors.  Read on if you want to follow me down that hole… … Continue reading

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Sunflowers: Staring Me Right in the Face

It’s awfully frustrating when I fail to solve a puzzle – especially when all the information I need is right in front of me.  As an ecologist, I’m supposed to be good at this sort of thing.  Ecologists, after all, study the interactions … Continue reading

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