Photo of the Week – September 23, 2011

Several years ago, Brian Obermeyer of The Nature Conservancy hosted our annual patch-burn grazing working group meeting in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  We stayed overnight at the Flying W ranch, a guest ranch in Chase County, KS.  In the morning, I went for a walk with my camera to see what I could find as the sun was coming up.

Tallgrass prairie, rocks, and the remnants of an old rock fence in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

It was a beautiful morning for a walk, but I was having trouble finding the right shot.  Sometimes smaller prairies are easier to photograph than large ones because there are fewer choices!  Often, when this happens, I pull out my macro lens and start looking for flowers and/or insects to photograph, but I really wanted to capture the landscape I was in, so I kept the wide-angle lens on and kept walking.  Eventually, I came upon an old rock fence and followed it until I found some color and texture to put in front of it.